Nambiti Plains Ranger’s Diaries

24 August 2019, Saturday

Growing up dreaming about one day being a ranger and working with animals, I now work at Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge, thus fulfilling a life long plan to be in the true African bush.


Seeing unbelievable sightings day in and day out, I have an undiscovered appreciation for wildlife, both big and small, that is growing rapidly!


One of my favorite memories of the last few months is driving to see one of everybody’s favorite big five animals; the king of the jungle –  Nambiti’s stunning male lions.



My mind absolutely blown to see a heard of 44 buffalo showing the dominant lions who is really the boss. Making sure he knew the what strength in numbers really means.


He had no option but to sit and wait for the buffalo to claim victory and move on. The odd cry for help, went with little answer from his brother who sat in the distance helpless.

Jason (Jay) JvR, Nambiti Plains Guidelion1


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