Circle of Life

24 August 2019, Saturday

An unique Nambiti Plains circle of life story:

The beauty of the African bush is that we so often get an unbelievably unique experience.

The staff here at Nambiti Plains feel rather privileged and almost claim to be parents, after witnessing the gift of life so close to home.

It started with our manager noticing a rather odd nest outside the office. And soon led to the guessing game of who the owner was. As the games followed we noticed 1 egg, then 2 eggs and the guessing intensified when the 3rd egg arrived. Until we saw mom, a tiny but beautiful Cape White-eye, one day nestled in over her soon to be brood.

Over run with curiosity, we all followed day by day updates on Instagram ( Till the day we all became parents to a rather weird looking featherless little creature.

We all presumed that now it would take a few days to mature and grow a few feathers. Expecting to see a few developments and within 2 weeks, a full plumage and the first flight left us all in absolute amazement.

Normally for a Cape White-eye the whole process from laying an egg, to hatching and being fully fledged, takes around 4 weeks. Taking 12-14 days for the egg to hatch and a further 14-16 for the chick to fully fledged.

Mom and dad did a great job to keep the little one strong and fed. And on the 14th of March we noticed an empty nest.

There at the top neatly tucked into a few leaves our little guy sat. Exhausted from a few trial and error attempts to follow mom and dad to the roof. With a few fails and a few naps, he was off.

Although empty nest syndrome has set in, with Easter around the corner, the egg hunt continues. A good reminder how we can always link life back to a surprising story.

Jason JVR

Nambiti Plains Guide

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