Fine Dining Cuisine

Dining is a culinary journey at Nambiti Plains, a journey that reflects and celebrates local South African flavours, one that plays on all the senses with an uncompromising commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and producing as much as possible on site, whether it be freshly made compotes with which to flavour your breakfast yoghurt; bread to tempt you at lunch; gorgeous fruit salsas to accompany your mains at dinner and a whole host of other delectable, freshly made goodies.

The lodge offers a full layout for breakfast personally laid at your table. Lunch can be enjoyed either at the main area decks or privately on your room veranda. Dinner will be served in our dining area, in our cosy boma or in the bush for a truly magical experience. Private picnic lunches can be arranged by management. Vegetarians and any other dietary requirements will be cared for as far as possible.

Nambiti Plains belongs to a select group of lodges chosen to represent FLAVOURS OF KZN which is a concept promoting specific culinary tours for visitors to the province, encompassing all the delights the diverse province has to offer, with food being the golden thread that pieces all the experiences together. The food focus is on ethnic cuisine, indigenous to the various cultures that make up the multi-cultural province and presented in a fine dining experience, complemented with a variety of wines from South Africa.