Daytrip Game Drives

Just haven’t got enough time to join us for 2 days or do you wish to do something different for the family? Take them on an awe‐inspiring Daytrip Game Drive on Nambiti Game Reserve.

The daytrip will run an average 3-4 hours and does include a stop off to stretch the legs and have a drink out in the bush.

Times are normally 6:00am for the morning drive and 3:30pm for an evening safari with guests required to be at the lodge 30min prior to departure. Time variations and group bookings can be arranged.

Game drives are R450 per person for up to 4 people, and an additional charge of R3000 per private drive (5 to 9 people).

Breakfast or lunch at our lodge can be added to your booking – please enquire at our office.

Booking is required; at least 4 days in advance.

Please note unfortunately private vehicles are not permitted to drive on the reserve and all daytrips must be arranged through the lodge.